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Adrienne Cook is a photographer who grew up in Burke, Virginia. She's a third generation photographer with a love and deep appreciation of being in the present moment. Adrienne is attuned to nature and acutely aware of her surroundings. In her daily life she makes use of all her senses, she notices things others may miss.


A midst the daily human struggles, that can certainly pull our attention away from the now, Adrienne is able to see beyond the chaos and tune into the majestic beauty all around her. This mindset of gratefulness and appreciation is where she draws her artistic inspiration. She is the type of artist that notices the visual subtleties life offers each of us daily. Adrienne'swork showcases her exacting graphic sensibilities as well as her genuine curiosity of color, symmetry, depth of field, texture, form, and of course nature's lighting, with a feeling of calm and relaxation. When out on a photo-shoot or simply walking on a city street, Adrienne soaks it all in...for her, mother-nature has always been the way to renew herself, as well as her greatest photographic muse.